I am a Graphic Designer who originated from the tundra of Syracuse, New York (Go ORANGE!). I moved to Philadelphia (Go Phillies!) to attend Drexel University, and graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Afterwards, I moved to Northern Virginia (Go.....

Caps?) and worked at an exhibit design firm for two and a half years as a Graphic Designer, and eventually, a Junior Exhibit Designer. I learned a bunch of stuff in all three states working all sorts of jobs. I bike, I sew, I write, I dance. I love fashion and am a sucker for antiques; above everything else

I design and create to communicate with the world. I strive my best to make this place that we live in a visually pleasing environment. So check out my site and be sure to get in touch, because I am always refining my skills and working on new things.